Breaking Bad: An overview (so far)

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October 26, 2012 by thedavidryan

This is a very unusual kind of review, a review that is mid way through the third season of a show that started in 2008. Why is this strange review only being published now? Simply put, I was very late to the Breaking Bad party. I wasn’t a fan caught up in all of the hype and to be honest I’d never even heard of it before I purchased a Netflix subscription a few months back. As far as I was concerned Bryan Cranston was just Hal from the early 2000’s show Malcolm in the Middle. How wrong can you be.

Realistically I cannot go through every episode I have watched as we would be here all day and quite frankly I have more Breaking Bad to watch, but I can honestly say this show is one of the greatest TV dramas I have ever had the joy to watch.

Set in Albuquerque New Mexico, Breaking Bad is the tale of a high school Chemistry teacher Walter White, who is diagnosed with terminal Cancer and decides to put his incredible chemistry skills to the test in the dangerous world of illegal drug manufacturing with the help of his junkie ex student Jesse. Badass right?

Breaking Bad chronicles Walt through his entry, rise to success and possible downfall in the New Mexico crystal meth scene, all while on a one way road to a lung cancer induced early grave.

The acting so far in this show has been phenomenal, with great turns from Aaron Paul & most notably Bryan Cranston who, has all but erased the memories of the happy and goofy TV Dad he played for seven years on Malcolm in the Middle. Watching Walt’s transformation from mild mannered high school teacher to a fully fledge cult TV anti hero has been incredible to see. The journey our two main characters go on from season one to now (mid way through season three) is remarkable. This show gets better and better as each episode rolls on.

I’m flying through the episodes of this show which I know is something I will regret when I have finished watching it, but this groundbreaking show is ironically just as addictive as the crystal meth that is being cooked up on the show.

Jesse & Walt

The writing is sensational and on more than one occasion you are gripped on the edge of your seat wondering how the anti heroes are going to evade capture and even murder! The continual twists, turns and red herrings has you on a emotional rollercoaster ride headed straight for TV nirvana.

This show has everything, family drama; intense action, dark humour and it will make you feel like a badass as you watch Bryan Cranston’s portrayal as a drug dealer that takes no shit off anyone!


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