Countdown: Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer


November 14, 2012 by thedavidryan

Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

Can you smell that? No, it isn’t what The Rock is cooking. That is the smell of anticipation, not just any anticipation. Grand Theft Auto anticipation.

With the second Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer only a few short hours away, the buzz amongst gamers is reaching fever pitch. So while we all await the inevitable awesomeness of the second trailer I thought this was the perfect time to write a blog about the affect the Grand Theft Auto series has had on the gaming world, today’s society and pop culture in general.

For me personally Grand Theft Auto holds a special place in my gaming heart, I have literally grown up with the series from as long as I can remember. I recall fondly going round to a friend’s house for the first time to play this hugely hyped bird’s-eye view 2D game about murder, crime and violence and being rightfully gobsmacked. I had come from the innocent world of Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario 64. So to play a game where slaughter and law breaking wasn’t only allowed it was encouraged, felt astonishingly badass.

The first GTA hit Playstation back in 1997 and has been as ground-breaking now as it was back then. Rockstar officially changed the industry with their first open world sandbox title and each new addition to the series added fans, critics and accolades. Never has one entertainment franchise had so much publicity regarding a title release. The possibility of drive by shootings, crashing planes into oncoming cars and icing innocent pedestrians outraged many, but that only made the series more popular with gamers wanting a piece of the condemned action.

Grand Theft Auto has transcended computer games to where anyone without an interest in gaming is aware of what GTA is and what it has done. Unsurprisingly Grand Theft Auto’s success bled over into other forms of entertainment and even crossed over into Hollywood with the franchise being referenced brilliantly in the 2010 Will Ferrell comedy The Other Guys.

However Grand Theft Auto has also been subject to much criticism during its existence, with individuals often blaming real world tragedies as a result of people playing the GTA games. While it is possible GTA could be accountable for certain heinous acts in the past, in my opinion idiots people have been killing each other since the dawn of time, so whether a mission involving Big Smoke has made gullible teens more susceptible to violence is up for debate. However, that is a debate for another time.

So many great memories from the series strike a chord with many seasoned GTA lovers. ‘Hang the DJ’ cheats, OG Loc and Banshee cars all mean nothing to most, but mean something very special to adoring fans of the Grand Theft Auto series. The sign of a successful series in any entertainment is arguably the instantly relatable memories they can create and share. Waking up as a boy on my birthday to play the new GTA III I received as a present from my slightly naive parents (“It isn’t as bad as everyone says, honest Mum”) is a happy recollection even to this day; breaking out of a prison bound security truck in an orange jumpsuit to take on Liberty City was a great way to start the day before school.

For me Grand Theft Auto will forever hold great memories, I have willingly poured hours of my life into that series. Whether it is flying over buildings in a jetpack, driving Love Fist to a gig or taking a hooker out to the countryside and blowing her head off with an Uzi post coitus, for no reason other than to get your money back. It is moments like this that none Rockstar produced games struggle to match.

The first few details of the new GTA game are surfacing online, with Rockstar taking a fresh approach to the open world genre that they themselves defined, by introducing three new interchangeable protagonists for this fifth instalment of the original franchise. Trevor, Michael and Franklin are relative unknowns at the minute, but by spring 2013 they will be as illustrious as the Nico’s, Tommy’s and CJ’s of GTA yesteryear.

The second Grand Theft Auto trailer is only a few tantalising hours away now and a few of my gaming friends are already extremely excited. Speculating imaginatively as to what the trailer might involve, what new details will be revealed and what announcements will be made is as exhilarating as Christmas Eve in the Ryan household.

Few games have the ability to do what Rockstar does when leading up to the announcement of a new Grand Theft Auto game. They taunt and tease you with appetite whetting snippets of info then snatch it away as quickly as it came. For example, the first trailer came out in the late part of 2011 and it is only in November of 2012 that we are being allowed behind the Rockstar curtain to steal a look at the second trailer.

Will I do a review of the second trailer after its arrival? No, I will be too busy scraping my brain off the ceiling as my puny little mind explodes with excitement! So sit back dear readers count down those agonising minutes and enjoy. Today is why we play computer games.


2 thoughts on “Countdown: Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

  1. Driving Love Fist to a gig. Brilliant. So hyped for this new trailer. I’ve always liked GTA but have never been as excited about one of them as this new one. I need to go back and do the DLC for IV first I think.

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