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November 23, 2012 by thedavidryan

Greatest computer games ever..

Ask anyone that knows me, I LOVE computer games. I spend hours searching the internet finding the latest news, images and videos surrounding any new release I’m excited about. I believe there is no greater feeling than holding a brand new game in your hand after months of anticipation. Therefore I have decided to compile a list of my fifteen favourite computer games I have ever played.

Obviously this list is subjective as the games I play and enjoy are much different than the usual suspects. I play games for a gripping story that will have me hooked until the end. I want to be taken somewhere that movies and TV shows cannot take you, where you make decisions on the final outcome and the ultimate payoff. I don’t play multiplayer’s, I don’t play arcade fighting games or dance sims. I play for the story, the adventure and the voyage that truly great games can take you on.

I own a Playstation 3, so Xbox only titles such as Halo etc will not feature here and quite frankly if you own an Xbox. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. I joke, of course. This is a friendly place for like minded individuals to gather and discuss games. Now without further adieu, number 15:


Didn’t expect this one did you? This game had to be on here as it was the first proper pro wrestling game I ever bought and as you can see rather strangely, it is a WCW game. All of my friends were hugely into the WWF back in the day so being the renegade eccentric that I am, I began watching WCW (plus it was on Channel 5 every Friday and we didn’t have Sky Sports…). This game featured a who’s who of ‘rasslin 90’s superstars such as Sting, Randy Savage, Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan! I remember to this day the opening sequence of the game where WCW ‘scientists’ genetically created the monster Goldberg before he beats them up and explodes to the arena. For a young wrestling fanatic, this was the epitome of badass.

FOURTEEN: Pokemon (Gameboy)

Being a Pokemon master was every child’s dream in the late nineties after the hugely successful Japanese cartoon hit UK shores. However, this dream would only ever be that, a dream. That was until Pokemon was released on the massively popular Gameboy handheld console. Hours were spent fighting Anime mythical beasts on the streets of Viridian City in an attempt to ‘Catch ‘Em All’.


My life was rubbish as a 13 year old; I wasn’t attending VIP parties and living the champagne showbiz lifestyle that I am today. Therefore, I had to create a virtual me and live out a life of high jinks and pissing myself in the kitchen when the toilet was broke. The Sims was a massive part of my limited PC gaming. I’d spend hours building the perfect mansion after entering the infamous money earning ‘rosebud’ cheat, to only become uninterested once the Ryan palace of love was completed.

TWELVE: Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Hands down this was the best Football simulation game ever, up until this year’s Fifa 13 anyway. Regardless though, there was a time when Pro Evo dominated the Football simulation world, I mean they wiped the floor with the uninspired Fifa series for years and Pro Evo 5 was Konami’s defining Football title. Hugely fun to play and hours of my University life was spent handing my roommate his ass on this game.

ELEVEN: International Superstar Soccer 64

Ahhh ISS, the precursor to the Pro Evo series and another massively addicting and fun game to play from Konami. Where I handed my roommate his ass years later on Pro Evo, I would regularly get a schooling off my older brother on ISS, all to the legendary commentary team screaming such iconic phrases as “Brazil, turns up the heat!”. Magnificent.

TEN: Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar is the greatest games creator ever in my opinion. They defined the open world genre completely in Grand Theft Auto and in no other example did they do this better than in their Western themed Red Dead Redemption. The games scope and scale was gigantic, yet it still featured the intricate detail and endeavour that Rockstar is known for. It included enthralling characters, distinctive missions and riveting story arcs. All while you freely roamed round on horseback as one badass cowboy.

NINE: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman games are terrible, ask anyone. That was until the release of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game truly revolutionised The Dark Knight’s computer game reputation with great gameplay, straightforward combat, fun gadgets and some superb voice acting, most notably Mark Hamill’s Joker. A great game that rode on the back of the Batman popularity resurgence thanks to Christopher Nolan’s movie series, this game featured everything that makes the Batman universe so special.

EIGHT: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

No surprise that the definitive Playstaion 3 game gets a deserved place here. This game would have been much higher up the list if it weren’t for the superb other two titles that followed in the series. The first Uncharted introduced a now iconic Playstation character duo of Nathan Drake and Victor ‘god damn’ Sullivan. Drake’s Fortune showcased what the Playstaion engine could do graphically and how a mixture of interactive cutscenes and explosive action could produce one of the systems finest titles.

SEVEN: Max Payne 3

Remember I said Rockstar is the greatest games developer a minute ago? Well they proved this again in early 2012 with the release of Max Payne 3. The third instalment to a much loved series but a title that unquestionably stands alone. This game offers jaw dropping visuals, a gruesome yet dramatic story and outstanding cinematic cutscenes. Max Payne 3 is a must own even for newcomers to the series.

SIX: Skate

Never before has a newcomer to an industry completely destroyed a veteran to the point of extinction quite like EA’s Skate series did to the beloved Tony Hawk franchise. Out went the arcade style of Tony Hawk and in came a simulation to end all simulators. Skate truly defined what a skating game should be and the developers behind Tony Hawk still have no answer. I have poured hours into the Skate series pushing my virtual skater to the limits often with hilarious wipe out consequences.

FIVE: Assassins Creed II

Without a doubt the best Assassins Creed game ever. With the release of the dull AC3 still only a few weeks old, it goes to show just how good AC2 was and still is. It is the introduction to the three game spawning Ezio Auditore character arc and has you running from rooftop to rooftop in the beautifully rendered renaissance era Venice. Assassin games need to make you feel like a tough guy with a licence to kill and while Hitman has failed to do that in the past, AC2 did that in spades. Driving your hidden blade into the throat of Italian government officials before leaving as quickly as you came was breathtaking.

FOUR: Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Some of you may be surprised that Nathan Drake’s last adventure is not in first place, but as I mentioned earlier on, this list is about my favourite games and that involves other things rather than just cinematic style etc as I will discuss when the first placed game is revealed. Others will be suspired to see Uncharted 3 below the second Uncharted game. However, I feel this is just as Drakes Deception, while extraordinary, just wasn’t the massive leap forward that Uncharted 2 was. This is by no means a bad thing as the game offers up heaps of action, escapades and globetrotting pleasure that stands head and shoulders above most games out there.

THREE: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Among Thieves is still my favourite Uncharted game by a mile. It really does go so much further than Drakes Fortune in terms of storytelling, gameplay, interactive cutscenes and just about everything else. It also has one of the finest and my most memorable levels in any game ever, the incredible train mission! A mission that includes fighting on the train roof, train carriages being blown up and even shooting a helicopter out of the sky with an RPG. If you have never played any of the Uncharted games you need to invest immediately, even just for the train mission alone.

TWO: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is not a game it is a masterpiece. A modern day work of art that means so much to so many people. Titles like this are more than games; they are time periods of people lives. A solid 5 years of my life has been spent on this game and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. This game has everything you could ever need in a computer game. It has complete customisation of the character, dry humour, exciting missions, a compelling story, iconic characters, a killer soundtrack, unrestricted potential and unlimited fun. There is no Grand Theft Auto game better than San Andreas.

ONE: Tony Hawk’s Underground (T.H.U.G)

That’s right, you aren’t making a mistake. My favourite computer game of all time is Tony Hawk’s Underground. Why? I hear you baffled readers ask. Previous Tony Hawk games were about objectives and objectives only. You reached a set high score you unlock a tape, you collect the letters of S-K-A-T-E and you unlock a tape. Repetitive and boring. T.H.U.G was the first game that gave the series a story. A fully fleshed out story that introduced a customisable character, a fierce rivalry, skating for a pro team, a childhood friend turning on you, starting your own skate team with real life pro’s and performing a McTwist over a helicopter in Hawaii. Dearest readers, need I say more?

T.H.U.G is also my favourite game of all time for much more personal reasons. Instead of going to the local park getting drunk and fingerblasting a high school slag like every other boy my age, I would happily stay in and spend hours upon hours playing this game and perfecting my skating skills. Was this sad? Undoubtedly yes. Do I regret it? Fuck no, I love computer games remember!

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8 thoughts on “Top 15 computer games ever

  1. Superb stuff! I certainly did not expect to see that game sitting atop the tree, although I do agree it was excellent. I think I still prefer the other Tony Hawks games though, THUG didn’t have the classic level design in my opinion. I love the ISS64 inclusion though, I played that game to death. And i’ve not had the opportunity to play Drake 3 yet, but it’s certainly on the list.

    • thedavidryan says:

      Thanks a lot man. As mentioned the THUG inclusion was for sentimental anti fingerblasting reasons. You definitely need to pick up Drake 3 when you get a chance, you have a brawl in a London boozer! Without Danny Dyer sadly.

  2. DMan says:

    I’m a big fan of GTA – so I can’t wait for GTA V’s release. But it looks like I’m going to wait for a long time because Rockstar is’nt prioritising the PC release. (I like to play PC games 4 the great graphics!)

  3. dyiallourou says:

    I love this article, I hope you don’t mind but I think I’m going to do a post like this, haven’t really had chance to play the uncharted games due to me trading in my ps3 after the first but I am looking forward to the new Tomb Raider.

  4. Quite a modern list but Rockstar’s dominance in the game industry is shown here and deservedly so. Did you never play Goldeneye, Zelda, Mario or the MGS series?

    • thedavidryan says:

      I never played MGS or Zelda unfortunately. I think Goldeneye was before my time but it was a great title however this list is completely biased to my own opinion.

      What are your top favourite games?

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