Man of Steel trailer unveiled


December 12, 2012 by thedavidryan

Man of Steel

Without a doubt next summer’s Man of Steel will be one of the biggest movie blockbusters of 2013. The long awaited second preview trailer of Zack Snyder’s comic adaptation was unveiled online last night and early impressions from fans and critics are extremely positive.

If you are yet to see it you can watch the full trailer in all its HD glory below:

I must admit I am not the biggest Superman fan in the world; however after watching this most recent trailer I am becoming increasingly excited about the man from Krypton’s big screen return.

The start of the trailer continues where the first one left off, opening in a peaceful and soothing manner introducing what looks like a drowning Clark Kent as he hears a reassuring speech from his earth mother telling him everything will be ok. This beginning to the trailer is wonderfully shot and the simple score supplements the visuals perfectly.

Throughout the trailer it is suggested that a large portion of the motion picture will focus on Clark Kent’s difficulty with keeping his true identity under wraps, to avoid harm to loved ones around him. An example of this involves a potentially disastrous school bus crash where Clark apparently rescues all inside, only to receive a shock as his earth father (Kevin Costner) suggests that maybe it is better for people to die than for him to give up his true identity.

It is worth pointing out that one of the most significant things about the Man of Steel movie is the team behind it. man_of_steel_by_giova94-d57i0d9Following on from his huge success in the Dark Knight franchise, acclaimed film maker Christopher Nolan is on board taking up producing duties, whilst Watchmen and 300 visionary supremo Zack Snyder, is tasked with directing this greatly anticipated summer blockbuster.

The cinematography in the trailer is absolutely stunning and it appears that the movie will take a much more realistic and character driven approach to Clark Kent’s story. The trailer also features extensive scenes in Superman’s homeland of Krypton and these first computer generated images of the alien planet look absolutely gorgeous.

Superman himself is to be played by Henry Cavill, a relatively low key actor with few mainstream box office successes. Alongside Cavill’s Clark Kent is Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russell Crowe as Superman’s biological father and Kevin Costner as his adoptive dad.

While this second trailer has definitely whetted the appetite of Superman fans across the world, hopefully there will be more trailers and previews to come before the Man of Steel makes his long overdue return to the big screen next year.

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6 thoughts on “Man of Steel trailer unveiled

  1. Reblogged this on mymotionpicture and commented:
    Here he comes again!

  2. I agree, it is a great trailer. I just hope it’s not a case of the trailer being better than the film! I was slightly concerned when it all started kicking off towards the end of the trailer though and it looks like a Star Trek film with loads of explosions and OTT special effects. I suppose they need something badass to test the Man of Steel though. Like you, never been a big Supes fan; I think he’s just TOO good, he doesn’t have enough weaknesses.

    • thedavidryan says:

      I’m hoping the team of Nolan and Snyder will achieve great things for Man of Steel and would love a modern day trilogy for Superman. As you rightly said though his lack of weaknesses does make him much less relatable than other heroes.

  3. rbbaileyjr says:

    The setting for Smallville appears to be a coastal town, as in Maine. It has like a David Lynch feel to it.

  4. herowassenna says:

    Interesting thoughts from everyone.
    The 2006 film “Superman Returns” was certainly a poor effort. His abilities, too good and over whelming.
    I wonder if you have seen the Smallville series. This 10 season series, was hugely enjoyable and allowed us access to the developing Clark Kent. A refreshing angle for a change.

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