Finally got round to watching….King Kong


January 9, 2013 by thedavidryan

King Kong – Review

Featuring outstanding state-of-the-art special effects, wonderful performances, and a magnificent sense of vision, Peter Jackson’s King Kong is an epic blockbuster that tells one of cinemas oldest love stories in a digitally refreshing way.

No not the original version, todays “Finally got round to watching…” is the 2005 multimillion dollar grossing Peter Jackson remake. The majority of people back in ’05 were hugely sceptical about Jackson tackling the mammoth on screen gorilla, as many believed the original 1933 classic should have been left firmly alone as a standalone piece of cinema history. However, after coming off the tremendously successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, an undeterred Jackson turned his filmmaking attention to one of his first cinema loves, the monster of Skull Island.

Clocking in at over three hours long, King Kong’s runtime is as almost as big as the movies main star. While it takes a good while to get going, King Kong postera whole seventy odd minute’s pass before even reaching the island, the setup is wonderfully done and Jackson captures the unique grey and dreary feel of 1930’s Great Depression New York vividly.

It comes with no surprise that the visuals of King Kong are nothing short of sensational. Peter Jackson is arguably the most well versed director when it comes to computer generated imagery and it is obvious the skills learnt on the Lord of the Rings franchise have translated over well when taking on such an iconic movie.

Kong looks just as authentic as his human counterparts, in what is a technological triumph bringing the ferocious gorilla back to the big screen. Skull Island is astonishingly created with the help of dazzling visual effects that bring genuine life to this seemingly desolate isle. The grand scale of the island is impressive enough but Jackson does a great job of populating the uneasy environment with all manner of terrifying creatures.

The first hour plods along at a steady yet uneventful pace, although once the crew reach the mythological Skull Island the rip roaring fun begins. Action sequences are fast and furious but all are necessary and never feel thrown in at a whim, despite the movies lengthy run time.

Significant touching moments are cleverly placed in-between roller coaster ride set pieces to allow nice character development and gives the audience a welcome breather from the relentless action, to fully explore the unusual relationship between woman and beast.

King Kong

With one of the main characters being an enormous computer generated gorilla, the human cast needed to deliver a realistic display that added authenticity to an unrealistic premise. Thankfully Naomi Watts is a warm, charming and believable leading lady, who delivers far more than you’d expect from the typical damsel in distress. Jack Black is also first-rate as the daredevil filmmaker looking to salvage his career with his nervy crew and fearless attitude.

Adrien Brody is the human ying to Kong’s animalistic yang fighting for Anne’s (Naomi Watts) affections. His display as the desperate writer dragged along for the ride is an honest one, which will split the audience down the middle as they root for either Team Kong or Team Driscoll to win Anne’s heart.

King Kong – Conclusion

Visually breathtaking, King Kong is a colossal action adventure that offers thrills and spills in abundance. For all the technical wizardry and popcorn blockbuster action on display, this is a story with a heart as big as King Kong himself.

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10 thoughts on “Finally got round to watching….King Kong

  1. esracolak says:

    Nice article 🙂 Powerful enough to make people watch the film if they haven’t so far 🙂

  2. Great review mate, I’ve not seen this yet. Well, not all of it anyway, I think I’ve seen parts of it when it’s been on TV. I’ll try and watch all of it next time it’s on although it does seem pretty lengthy and over 3 hours!

    • thedavidryan says:

      Thanks cocker! Yeah it is a long old movie but one definitely worth checking out. It is on ITV2 most weeks i think, I’d just clear your schedule if you were to watch it though.

  3. williamjepma says:

    Love this movie. Although the first hour does drag a little, the movie does a great job of keeping your interest throughout its entire running time. Great write-up, I enjoyed it. 🙂

  4. angelaleong says:

    Awesome review! =) Have to agree with you that the visuals are absolutely stunning. Jack Black was great in this film, a departure from the comedic characters he usually plays. I like what you pointed about about Jackson capturing the feel of 1930’s Great Depression New York – will look out for that if I get around to rewatching this film!

  5. Adam Brannon says:

    What a brilliant review, fantastic writing and the use of pictures is excellent! I completely agree with the review you wrote as well.

    Also, I love your theme (it seems, great minds think alike!)

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