Five things the PS4 must have


February 8, 2013 by thedavidryan

The Playstation 4 wishlist

February 20th 2013 – Mark down the date in your calendar, book the day off work or even call in sick if you have to. February 20th is the biggest day of the gaming year so far. Why? February 20th 2013 is the day gamers across the world will (fingers crossed) know everything there is to know about Sony’s new Playstation 4 console.

Sony recently announced that they are to hold a press event in New York City on the 20th February discussing the “future of Playstation”. While this may be a gigantic curveball, many believe this event will be to showcase their new gaming console to the world. With that being said I have kindly compiled a list of 5 things I believe the Playstation 4 MUST have in order to eclipse their long time Microsoft rival.

1 – Free online play

Not what you were expecting right? Well to put it simply people like stuff for free. So, to have something for free with the PS3, then taking it away with the PS4 would be a very bad move. The free Playstation Network feature is one of Sony’s biggest unique selling points and if they were to scrap this in favour of a subscription based online format like the current Xbox 360, then gamers would be outraged and heads may slightly turn to the rival Xbox.

2 – A 2013 release date

Sure, you could argue that what the Playstation 4 console needs most is X amount of RAM and Y amount of graphics capability etc. However that only means something to a very slight portion of the gaming community. Joe Bloggs who likes to play the odd game once a week won’t give a monkey’s ass how many processors the new console will have, whereas they will care if they can get a shiny new gaming console before the end of the calendar year. Also, by releasing the PS4 this year it will give Sony a dominant advantage over Microsoft as they plan to hold back releasing their rumoured Xbox 720 until further down the road. Strike while the iron is hot and all that.

3 – Backwards compatibility

When the original PS3 console shipped, it featured a very unique chip that gave it the ability to play your old PS2 games. What a brilliant idea right? You don’t want to throw away your beloved old games every time a new console gets released do you? Unfortunately though, following Playstation 3 consoles, such as the PS3 Slim, came without the chip and thus the ability to play your old games anymore and backwards compatibility was condemned to death.

Existing rumours suggests that the Playstation 4 will continue where the later PS3 models left off and will completely disregard the option of backwards compatibility and will focus on next generation titles. While you can argue change is good and Sony will make more money this way, just imagine how cool it would be to play Playstation 2 classics on a console as powerful as the PS4 is predicted to be.

 4 – Social functions

Social media is the biggest buzz word online at the minute and with no signs of that changing, Playstation needs to capitalise on this ongoing trend by adding a whole host of social functionality to its new PS4 console.

The only social features of note on the PS3 are the ability to share trophy stories on Facebook and see what your friends are playing on the friends menu. While this was fine when the Playstation 3 was released all those years ago, times have changed and so has people’s social behaviour.

Video streaming sites such as Netflix offer social integration to where you can see what your friend is watching on Netflix and when they watched it. Wouldn’t it be cool to log onto Twitter and Facebook to see ‘John Smith is currently fighting Nazi zombies on Call of Duty’ or ‘Chris Thomson is participating in unprotected sex on Grand Theft Auto’? You bet your ass it would!

 5 – More exclusive titles

While Playstation gamers have undoubtedly been treated to some classic Playstation only titles in the past few years (Uncharted, Heavy Rain etc.), it is just as important if not more so to release even more Playstation only titles when the PS4 eventually hits shelves.

I am a Playstation gamer through and through; however I must admit I felt a twinge of jealousy when Xbox used to release highly acclaimed exclusive titles such as Halo or Gears of War to their Microsoft console. For that reason, Playstation needs to get some long standing revenge by producing exciting PS4 only titles in an attempt to sway unsure gamers to rightfully choose Team Sony.

Here’s an example, what if the Playstation 4 is released 18 months before the Xbox 720, imagine the time and potential that would bring to release exciting games that can only be played on the Sony system. Even the most loyal Xbox gamers would get itchy feet and something so simple like intrigue could prove to be an influential factor in winning the next generation console war.


11 thoughts on “Five things the PS4 must have

  1. Not just in GTA, my friend. Not just in GTA 🙂 #bareback

    I agree with all these, particularly number 3. I would love backwards compatibility as I already have so many games I haven’t played yet. And if it is a 2013 release then I need to hurry up and play them! Granted, I don’t have to buy the new one straight away but I’ll want it and won’t be satisfied until I have it! I can’t see a 2013 release myself though.

    • thedavidryan says:

      I agree a 2013 release would be a surprise but you never know hoe ready the console might be. Backwards compatibility would be ace but I can see there being more money in new titles and Sony releasing old games on the PSN like they do now.

      I didn’t mention pricing because no matter the price I will still get one at the soonest possible time #SonySlag

  2. universalvation says:

    I’m kinda expecting a 2013 release date for both the PS4 and the next generation XBOX. The last console generation has lasted quite long, and it would probably be a bad choice to delay the next generation console launch past Fall 2013.

    Oh, and btw, great article!

  3. williamjepma says:

    Great list! I couldn’t agree more. Backwards compatibility is something I really hope Sony does, because, as a long-time PlayStation fanatic, my game collection is huge and it would suck only being able to play some of my favorite games on my soon-to-be old-news PS3.

    And if Sony can get the PS4 out before the next Xbox, then we might be looking at the year PlayStation finally overtakes the Xbox. And don’t worry about the exclusives; I have full confidence that Sony’s first-party studies are going to blow us all away with some (hopefully) new games. Although, Uncharted 4 is a definite must for me.

    • thedavidryan says:

      Awesome comment thanks William! I can’t see an Uncharted 4 anytime soon with Naughty Dog working on The Last of Us at the minute, hopefully I’m wrong though.

      I have the same problem with my old games gathering dust, hopefully the PS4 comes with some sort of function to let you play old titles.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • williamjepma says:

        Naughty Dog has actually split into two teams, with part of the team from Uncharted 2 going to work on The Last of Us, and the rest of the team developing Uncharted 3. So really, it’s two studios in one, which means I fully expect to see an Uncharted game (or a new IP) coming sometime near the PS4’s release date. Which is really, really exciting for me! 😀

  4. fluffrick says:

    I think the PS4 will have a 2013 release, too – in the US and Japan. I can’t see it reaching Europe, Australia or other territories until early in 2014. My best guess is that Nintendo are going to be fighting for third place in this next console cycle, unless the forthcoming Wii U software is so extraordinary that it compels people to buy that system.

  5. Ed McGlone says:

    I would be shocked if the PS4 has backwards compatibility. The PS3 had a very complicated structure that developers struggled with. Emulating PS3 games would probably make the PS4 ALOT more expensive. I think everything else though is very possible and realistic!

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