Beginners guide to….Breaking Bad


February 12, 2013 by thedavidryan

Breaking Bad

New feature time here at The Ryanblog and for a change it will be looking at the wonderful world of television. It occurred to me in a prophecy that many people out there are missing great TV shows simply because they are either too intimidated by the hype of a popular show, or they feel a show is too long gone to go back and watch from the start. How many times have you heard: “Hey you should watch EXAMPLE show because it’s just starting its 28th season!” “Ermm, maybe another time.” AMIRITE? Yes, I am.

That is why I’ve decided to create a series of blogs profiling a particular shows general premise, its four main characters and what other shows it is similar to, in order to gently ease you delicate virgins in one inch at a time (oo er).

So without any more delay, lets crack on with the first entry; Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad – Story

Breaking Bad is an American television drama series set in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a timid and fearful high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given only two years to live. After discovering the shocking news, Walt uses his expert Chemistry skills and turns to a life of crime, in order to financially provide for his family by producing the world’s highest quality crystal meth with a former junkie student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Breaking Bad – Characters

Walter White

Walter WhiteWalter White is a introverted failed chemist, who becomes a forty something underachieving high school chemistry teacher at his sons local high school. That is however, until he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and decides to enter the illegal world of drug manufacturing in order to secure the financial future of his family before cancer takes his life. Walt is the most complex character of the show and one that goes on a dramatic journey during each season in an incredible ride filled with suspense, drama and amazing TV.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse PinkmanJesse is a former pupil of Walt’s and is Walt’s original ‘foot in the drugs door’ partner. Jesse is a brainless kid way out of his depth wanting to sit at the big boy drug table. Jesse and Walt go through trials and tribulations to earn a bit of extra cash in the Albuquerque drug scene, however their new product quickly becomes the talk of the town and bigger more dangerous things head their way in later seasons.

Skyler White

Skyler White

Skyler is Walter’s ever suspicious wife who is pregnant with their second child prior to his terminal diagnosis. Skyler is the moral voice of the show that becomes increasingly suspicious of her husband’s new lifestyle after he begins behaving in unfamiliar ways with unusual associates.

Hank Schrader 


Hank is Walt’s federal DEA (drug enforcement administration) agent brother-in-law, who is investing this new high quality crystal meth and is looking to take down the supplier, who is ironically under his nose and is his seemingly unassuming brother-in-law, Walt.

Breaking Bad – Similar to..

  • The Wire
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • The Shield

Hopefully this brief summary of the show and its characters intrigues you enough to go and check out this awesome show. The entire back catalogue is available on Netflix so you have no excuse to not go and watch it. Okay, so what are you still doing here? Go and watch it now. NOW!


8 thoughts on “Beginners guide to….Breaking Bad

  1. Superb stuff. I have started Breaking Bad but need to crack on with it. I’ve only seen 4 episodes but already think it’s brilliant. Jesse is such a brilliant character.

  2. christine says:

    Amazing show, and definitely worthy of watching from the beginning. Cannot wait for the next season this Summer!

  3. Atawewe says:

    Are you up to date with the series?

  4. Nice post, love this show. I was really late to the game on this one. However, the misses and I plowed through all the available seasons on Netflix in a couple of weeks. Amazing show!

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