Review: Tomb Raider


March 8, 2013 by thedavidryan

Lara Croft is back with a bang

Tomb RaiderIt has been far too long since gamers have been able to raid mysterious tombs and ancient crypts as Lara Croft, but thankfully the British bombshell is back in her most accomplished adventure yet.

As the first entry in a new Tomb Raider series, this most recent iteration is a reboot that emphasises the reconstructed origins of cult character Lara Croft, as she becomes shipwrecked on a mysterious island, which is inhabited by local residents who don’t take kindly to the latest crew to arrive on their shores.

The story itself is an unrelenting barrage of action, drama and intense gameplay. Lara is a naive wet behind the ears university graduate, who is more used to textbooks and exams than fighting for her life on a strange island.

The opening twenty minutes is a white knuckle ride into the humble beginnings of Lara Croft. There are thrills and spills in abundance, with a variety of button massing quick time events (QTE’s) that turn up the intensity to eleven, as Lara tries desperately to claw, climb and scramble her way to safety in a world she is just not familiar with yet.

Arguably the most impressive thing about Tomb Raider is its wonderfully simple control system. The aforementioned quick time events all use the same button control each time a QTE pops up, making a potentially frustrating experience a lot more straightforward.  Unfortunately, these QTE’s do occur a little too much and can pop out of nowhere, which does sound exciting at first, but can grow tiresome when you realise the developers have seemingly just thrown them in at times to prevent you from getting bored when travelling from A to B.

Equally the controls for combat are just as fluid and rewarding. Lara’s now trademark bow makes shooting arrows at people ridiculously addictive. In fact, even after unlocking the hand gun and rifle, the bow was still my preferred weapon due to the sheer enjoyment of pinging arrows from afar. The straightforward snap on aim is a hugely fulfilling feature that supplements the combat very well and makes Lara feel like a lethal assassin when faced with a barrage of oncoming enemies.

Tomb Raider also includes a particularly gratifying upgrade system where you have to search enemy bodies for loot and treasure in order to unlock survival, skill and weapon upgrades. This system is not only an enjoyable element to make Lara as formidable as possible, but it also encourages you to explore every corner of the map looking for trinkets and accessories from crates in order to earn more XP for vital upgrades.

The Modified Crystal engine that powers Tomb Raider, delivers a visually breathtaking game from the outset. Sweeping hills, dynamic sunsets and torrential rain are all brought to life in a dazzling way as Lara sets out on her origin adventure. Thankfully in comparison Tomb Raider is just as beautiful when Lara is covered in blood, sweat and tears as the gritty surroundings wash superbly over the game adding to the feel of the hostile environment.

Tomb Raider

Unlike previous Tomb Raider games, this new iteration is extremely forgiving to the player when you make a mistake. For instance, during the first thirty minutes I was asked to find shelter from the down pouring rain by leaping over a sizeable gap to cover. However, I completely missed the gap and plummeted to the earth below. Where you would expect previous Lara Croft adventures to smack a cruel GAME OVER message in your face, this Tomb Raider didn’t. Instead Lara simply dusted herself off, surveyed the new location she had landed in and found her way to another area to complete the original goal. This kind of seamless transition made the game feel much more open and it felt like at any time you could go off the beaten track without being punished.

While Lara is an extremely engaging character that you can’t help but become invested in, the rest of her crew are much less developed. As a result, you simply don’t care whether they make it off the island or not. As callous as it sounds, you just aren’t bothered if a random camera guy from the ship gets a bullet between the eyes. While this is unfortunate and it does take away a certain element to the story, it’s hardly surprising considering this is the Lara Croft origin tale and all the focus is rightfully on her.

Lara is by no means a glamarous leading lady and Tomb Raider does an excellent job taking you on her emotional coming of age journey as she gets battered from pillar to post on her road to becomming the fearless hero we all know and love. This engrossing narrative really makes you care for Lara in a way most games fail to do.

Tomb Raider is a truly exciting and dynamic action adventure tale that will have you bowled over from the second you embrace Lara back into your life. Tomb Raider is a welcome return to form for one of gaming’s most beloved heroins and the future looks extremely bright for this revitalised franchise.

While Lara Croft might not have knocked Nathan Drake off his treasure hunting pedestal just yet, she has certainly earned a seat at his exclusive table.

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24 thoughts on “Review: Tomb Raider

  1. refugeekni says:

    Totally agree! Especially about the QTE…the first few are awesome, but after a while they do just feel like filler. I was a huge fan of the environment too, everything is just so…wild and wind-swept.

    Great blog, you’ve got a new follower! =]

  2. Hell yeah! Neeeeeed to get my hands on this so we can knock one out together over how good it is.

  3. CodySchaber says:

    I couldn’t agree more. You nail everything on the head; and I wholeheartedly agree with the other survivors. The focus is Lara, giving us little opinion on the others (although, I do like the big Samoan-looking dude and HATE Whitman).

  4. I love this game the more and more I play it. I really can’t wait to see what they do with it next. In a way, this game sort of reminds me of The Last Revelation when we got to play the “young Lara”, but this time around is much better because even though she is naive, she’s doing everything on her own and becoming stronger. If sequels are released (I’m really hoping), I hope it’ll be more like the other games where she works her way up to becoming a pro and sets out on explorations completely solo. Either way, this game rocks. So glad there’s a Tomb Raider with great controls!

  5. I totally agree with you, as you have seen from my review. I love the game, now I jump into the multiplayer some Tomb Raider action.

  6. Hey great review! Completely agree with you this new Tomb Raider looks and feels amazing, breathtaking visuals, simple to use combat system and very atmospheric. We hope to get our own Tomb raider review on the site soon though there’s not much left to say that you haven’t mentioned already. Keep it up!

  7. Sam Hale says:

    I like how you didn’t have a review score, it makes your words stand out that much more. Your review is very well written and I enjoyed reading it. I think you missed a few of the flaws of the characterization but your review was still constructive. I’m also curious if you tried the multiplayer at all. Anyways, you’ve got a new follower (and thank you for commenting on my blog btw).

  8. williamjepma says:

    Wow, what a brilliant review! Seriously well done! I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of it. Fantastic experience overall, that’s only held back from being perfect by those tiresome QTE’s and some underdeveloped characters. I actually just beat the game the other day, and am still having a blast going back through and searching for all the collectibles I missed. 🙂

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