The Three Wise Men


July 23, 2013 by thedavidryan

The New Premier League Men In Charge

Yes I haven’t blogged in months and no, you haven’t missed me. Moving on.

With three new managers nicely nestled into arguably the three biggest jobs in English football, the pressure is on to see which coach stands head and shoulders above the rest as Premier League champion once the dust settles on the 2013/2014 season.

Firstly you may be asking, why only three managers? What about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal? Surely they have as good a chance as Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs? NOPE. Moving on.

Today I am going to look at the Three Musketeers in question and assess their history, chances and potential. Okay, so maybe I missed you too.

David Moyes

David Moyes

‘He’s got red hair but we don’t care, Davey Davey Moyes’ was the chant that the Everton faithful used ring out around Goodison Park for the last twelve years. However, Moyes has moved on and to the biggest institution in domestic English football; Manchester United.

Don’t get me wrong, Manchester United the team, is one of the most readily equipped squads in the whole of Europe. However, David Moyes has some big, gum chewing shoes to fill in that of Sir Alex Ferguson. The pressure is already starting to increase as the Wayne Rooney transfer saga shows no signs of ending and some say Moyes is already feeling the strain of elite football management.

So what are David Moyes’ chances of success as the new Manchester United head honco? To be blunt, David Moyes saw little success in his previous role as Everton manager, failing to win a single trophy in over a decade at the club. Some highlights do twinkle on his résumé however. Finishing fourth in the league and ending as a runner up in the 2009 FA Cup final are all commendable; however these credentials are worlds apart from the man he has succeeded.

David Moyes certainly has the potential to achieve great things at Manchester United. He has a better squad and more transfer money available than his time at Everton. Nevertheless, if the results don’t come thick and fast, whispers may grow louder that David Moyes is just not able to break that trophy winning glass ceiling.

Manuel Pellegrini

Manuel PelligriniManuel Pellegrini is very much the unknown quantity of this tricky trio. David Moyes has years of English football management experience and Jose Mourinho is a proven champion of England. Pellegrini on the other hand arrives at the Etihad with no involvement in the English game as a coach and from a club that finished sixth in the Spanish league last year. You could even argue that Pellegrini’s time at Málaga was less eventful than David Moyes’ time in charge of Everton, with only an impressive and unfortunate Champions League campaign to show for his three years in charge. Of course, comparing Moyes’ twelve years to Pellegrini’s three is nonsensical, but interesting nonetheless.

Pellegrini does have potential though to be the dark horse in the Premier League title race this season. Before his time at Málaga he was in charge of Real Madrid for a year and having that experience of dealing with arguably the most intense job in world football, can only stand him in good stead.

José Mourinho

Jose MourinhoNo story has been welcomed with such open arms by the media and football fans alike, than the return of José Mourinho to Chelsea. After this first spell in charge of the West London club, Mourinho developed a cult hero status that had Chelsea fans begging for his return. Now the Special One is back and looking to take Chelsea from third place obscurity, to the top of the tree once more.

José Mourinho is one of the most colourful characters in world football and he is usually at his best/worst when verbally sparring with his peers. During his first stint at Chelsea he batted mind games back and forth with Sir Alex Ferguson, but with the Scot now enjoying retirement, the sparks seen during his first Chelsea tenure might not shine so bright.

Mourinho’s achievements speak for themselves. He is a multiple Champions League winner, has won league titles in England, Italy and Spain and is already the odds on favourite to secure the Premier League crown this season. But will he?

Who do you think will win the league this season? Let me know your feedback and opinions in the comments below.

Author bio

David is a massive sports fan and enjoys watching Football, Cricket, Basketball and MMA. For nonsensical ramblings on many of these topics, follow him on Twitter @TheDavidRyan


13 thoughts on “The Three Wise Men

  1. georgeogier says:

    Interesting stuff. From a personal point of view I hope they all make a mess and Spurs nip in and take advantage.

  2. Glenn Baxter says:

    Really good article. I think that Manchester United will win the title again. With a mostly unchanged squad they will be able to settle immediately and hit the ground running from the start of the season.

  3. oojay88 says:

    I must confess my admiration for this article, its a beauty. Now lets face facts.
    For me, The “special one”, Jose Mourinho, arguably one of the best managers in the world, has my vote. Little can be said about his conduct. He has achieve what most managers will dream to achieve, winning titles in different leagues, most of them coming in his first seasons in charge. Need to be noted is his ability to transform an average player (Drogba for example) into a world class player.
    But in football, anything is possible, so fingers are crossed on what is likely to happen in the next six to nine months. Am a #mufc addict, but this is my opinion.

  4. I’m already bored of Mourinho and his mindgames; I really do question how much about acual football he knows, rather than just trying to completely deflate his opponent. Despite my hatred for them, I am quietly impressed with City’s transfer dealings, or rather the way they’ve gone about them anyway. I still think it’s ridiculous them going out and buying a new squad each season but they’ve done so quite professionally, on the relative quiet. And Moyes better bloody sign someone soon or we can forget about top 4, let alone the title.

    • thedavidryan says:

      I agree City has done some clever business this window which may stand them in good stead for the coming season. Mr Moyes needs to pull his finger out asap if he stands a chance of success this year.

  5. futbolnow says:

    Great stuff from you sir!
    First,I’m nt sure if Man United will still carry their aura of invincibility into next season,as their pre-season games have shown,I think it would be catastrophic if Moyes wants to fill Fergie’s big shoes,I think he should stick with proving Anti-United fans wrong.
    Second,City have spent over €70m this summer as usual & the pressure ‘ll be on them to deliver, while the Happy one will be happy to see them drop points at crucial stages of the season.Chelsea look the biggest threat of the three though & are my best & safest bet for the title.

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