Walter Whites Worst Moments


August 14, 2013 by thedavidryan

The Worst of Walt

Walter WhiteTo celebrate the return of everybody’s favourite science teacher turned meth making badass Walter White, I’ve decided to list some of Walters worst moments over the past four seasons of Breaking Bad (I’ve only just started season 5). So if you haven’t seen any of Breaking Bad or haven’t caught up to the start of season 5 then be warned, there are huge spoilers within this article.

So go and watch more Breaking Bad, then come back and enjoy Walter White’s worst moments.

For those who have seen all four seasons let’s get started, bitch.

Hot For Teacher

Breaking Bad is a brutal TV show at times, so let’s start off soft. Or hard as it were (oo er). During season three Walt is undergoing a pretty big change in his life. He is still teaching at his local high school but has more important things on his mind than preparing his students for exams. It is under this mental stress that Walt misreads signals from a co-worker and ends up trying it on with her. It just so happens that the co-worker in question is his boss who also happens to be the headteacher of the school.

The worst thing about this scene is that headteacher Carmen had been hugely sympathetic to Walt throughout his illness, giving him extra time off and being a genuine shoulder to cry on. Carmen even let slide some of Walt’s eccentric ‘rambling about death to children in the gymnasium’ behaviour after he returned to school. Unsurprisingly, Carmen’s kindness could only last so long before she sent him packing from school for good.

Janes Addiction

These headings write themselves! Towards the end of season two, Jesse is fully loved up with his new beau Jane. However, unknown to Jesse, Jane begins to force the first real wedge between him and Walt. At the start of season two Jane is a straight laced recovering addict looking to get her life back on track. It is only after she discovers how much money Jesse has coming to him that Jane’s real personality begins to surface. She leads love struck Jesse down a path of hard drugs and comes between Jesse and Walt in a bitter dispute over money.

Jane & Jesse

Jane’s downfall is one of Walt’s biggest transformation moments. Walt finds the two young lovers in bed asleep together after another drugs binge. Jane begins to choke on her drug induced vomit and instead of saving her, Walt just watches as she slips into death. Pretty brutal stuff, yet after everything Jane put Walt through, you kind of see his reasoning, along with his ever increasing dark side.

Hank You Very Much

If one word can sum up Walter White through much of Breaking Bad it is desperate. Walt is undoubtedly at one of his most desperate times when hiding in the RV at the junkyard, as his DEA brother-in-law Hank is outside begging Jesse to come out so he can lock the cuffs on him. It is at this point that Walt puts a call into everybody’s favourite criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, to send a hoax call to Hank saying his wife Marie is in the hospital after a car accident. Hank leaves the RV scene in a panic to tend to his wife allowing Walt and Jesse to escape.

Drink Up Junior

Much has been made about Walter Juniors character in Breaking Bad. Many see him as a one trick pony always demanding breakfast. But if your heart didn’t break when he vomits into the White family pool at a house party then you are stone cold my friend. Poor Junior’s vomiting incident is brought on thanks to none other than Walt, as he becomes increasingly intoxicated and goads Junior to keep drinking to teach Walter Junior and Hank a lesson about who is boss in his family.

Goodbye Gale

Walt and Jesse

Oh Gale. Gale Boetticher was the perfect lab assistant for Walt. He was smart, educated and appreciated Walt and his abilities more than Jesse ever would. Not only that but he was also happy to be Walt’s lapdog and would have made things a lot easier for Mr White. However, due to season three’s explosive climax, where Gus wanted to kill off Walt and have Gale run the lab. Walt was left with no other choice but to kill Gale before Gus killed him. While it was not Walt who eventually pulled the trigger on Gale, it was Walt who sent an emotionally fragile Jesse to do the dirty work while he was being held captive at the meth lab. The subsequent mental ramifications that Jesse suffered in season four just confirms how big of a decision killing Gale was.

Poisoning Brock

Undoubtedly Walter White’s worst moment in the first four seasons (that I have watched) of Breaking Bad was the poisoning of young Brock thanks to extracts from the Lily of the Valley plant. This was Walter at his most hopeless and desperate as he could see the walls closing in and his time running out. He simply had to get Jesse back on his side and what better way than to hurt someone close to him and blame it on Walt’s enemy, enabling Jesse and Walt to work together to bring Gus down. If only Jesse knew.

Notable mentions

Other notable mentions in Walter White’s colourful history is after he took over the car wash and spent former boss Bogdan’s prized first ever dollar on a soft drink. Another mention is when Walt pinned his pregnant wife against the kitchen fridge during sex and refused to stop at first after she had asked. An additional terrible moment of Mr White is in season four when he suspects hit men are in his home, so he calls his next door neighbour from his car and asks if she can see if he left the kitchen hob on. Like a coward Walt sits in his car as he sends his dear old neighbour into his house to flush out the hit men.

What are your worst Walter White moments? Let me know in the comments below! Obviously don’t mention anything past the end of season four. SPOILERS!

Author Bio

David is a huge Breaking Bad fan and regularly tweets his love for the show on Twitter. You can follow him here @TheDavidRyan


11 thoughts on “Walter Whites Worst Moments

  1. Great article. Hit the nail on the head with all the points. In season 5, (won’t spoil) he has a conversation with Skyler that really made me rethink how much I’ve been complicit in his actions.

  2. First off Walt is pure evil.I like to tell myself I’m not rooting for Walt anymore because of all the truly terrible things he has done, but in reality everyone on the show is bad except literally Hank. And still in that final moment in the most recent episode (Blood Money) I found myself cheering for Walt. Seriously…what is life?!

    Also thanks for reading my article!

  3. popmitzvah says:

    Love this! And you reminded me about that Carmen incident, which was one of the first times we saw a glimpse of the bossy, naughty Heisenberg.

  4. Hey man, great article.

    Can’t argue with your Top 5, though I’m sure there’s more to come!

    Strange thing is, I still root for Walt (despite his constant lying to Jessie..), he’s brilliantly corrupt. Maybe it’s my love for Bryan Cranston! Haha.

  5. emmatainment says:

    Great article David!! Some scenes there which I had completely forgot about. Keep them coming 🙂

  6. Sam Leung says:

    Excellent article! I’d actually forgotten about a few of these, so I’m it was a great way to remind myself of why I hated Walt so much (as if I need another reason). I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a character as much as I dislike Walt. Even at the beginning, my sympathy for him ran out quickly. I understand he went through a difficult time, but I don’t think that gives you an excuse for you to be as horrible a human being as you want. And some of the later stuff… I never forgave him for killing Jane. I think that was the point of no return for me. I couldn’t even begin to fathom being heartless enough to stand over your friend’s lover and watch her die when all you had to do was turn her on her side or wake him up. The Brock thing was probably next on my list. Walt is one of the most manipulative, cold characters I’ve ever seen – truly a character you love to hate! I have to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for him!

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