My Assassin’s Creed Curse


August 20, 2013 by thedavidryan

Am I Over Assassin’s Creed?

Assassin’s Creed is one of those games which sounds better on paper than it ever does in execution. The premise of being a lethal silent assassin whilst dodging Templar threats and skipping across rooftops sounds like gaming heaven. However, except for Assassin’s Creed II, the franchise has always underwhelmed.

When the first Assassin’s Creed game was announced back in the day, the gaming community was delirious with excitement. The awesome below trailer set expectations justifiably high:

Unfortunately, when I finally got my hands on the game, I didn’t like it. I thought the scope of the game was too big and I hated the Desmond arc from day one. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t long before I put the controller and the franchise to one side.

It was only when the trailers for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood began to appear online that I became intrigued again. With my interest peaked I picked up Assassin’s Creed II, safe in the knowledge from my peers that ‘they had got this one right’ with a new character, story and setting. My peers were right; Assassin’s Creed II was fantastic. The fluid free running, devastating assassinations and a main character that made you feel like an elite renaissance hitman.

Through loving Assassin’s Creed II, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. While Brotherhood featured more of the same, it also added new features here and there to keep my interest peaked. However, as Assassin’s Creed became a yearly title, my interest waned slightly so that when Revelations came out, I needed a break. I was completely burned out on the series and I only put in a few hours on Revelations before leaving the game behind. The series had become stale for me and as good as the Ezio story was, I’d played as much of him and that world as I ever wanted to.

Ezio After promising myself I was done with Assassin’s Creed for a while, an announcement was made about the latest title; Assassin’s Creed III. Great, another new rinse and repeat Assassin’s Creed game only a year after the last. However, I was wrong. This new Assassin’s Creed game was completely different. Europe was out and North America was in. A new era, character and enemy was in place for Assassin’s Creed III, and gamers everywhere were excited at the potential. A Native American hero versus the brute force of the British Empire had all the makings of a defining Assassin’s Creed title.

Sadly Assassin’s Creed III didn’t live up to the hype and some have even called it the worst of the series. Tedious missions, an irritating main character and a world that never lived up to its potential. The sour taste in my mouth from the previous games had just got worse. I didn’t even complete Assassin’s Creed III; such was my disappointment in the title. This time I was done and I was not coming back.

Another year came around and the announcement for another new Assassin’s Creed title shortly followed. However this time I was not budging. Sure, I watched the new trailers and read the articles, but my burnt fingers had not healed from the last time. As always, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag certainly does look great on paper, but after the disappointment from Assassin’s Creed III, I knew not to let my guard down this time. That was until yesterday.

Last night I was scrolling through a list of launch title PS4 games, debating which ones I would pick up when I purchase the console this Winter. Whilst browsing I spotted Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and for some reason, I was intrigued. The last I saw of the game was its announcement trailer. I may have glanced the E3 gameplay footage back in June, but that was during my ‘no chance will I be picking that up’ phase. So I went onto YouTube and watched the below commentary gameplay footage and god dammit, I’m intrigued:

Will I pick up Assassin’s Creed Black Flag? At the minute, no. However I am definitely intrigued, which is very important. If the game receives positive reviews from critics and the title transitions well to next gen, then maybe, just maybe.

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

Author Bio

David is a massive computer game fan and regularly tweets about such topic on Twitter, you can follow him @TheDavidRyan


17 thoughts on “My Assassin’s Creed Curse

  1. Vitosal says:

    i really like your article. I used to be a huge Assassins Creed fan, I loved the modern story arc and i really enjoyed playing play as Ezio but you are right, Revelations was a little stale but i enjoyed it none the less. I was one of those gamers that was excited about AC3. I bought the collectors edition of it.

    To bad the game was such a load of crap. I feel you, after the announcement for AC4, I still won’t budge. I ‘ve seen all the videos and I’m still not biting. I’m going to wait and see what scores hit before i ever fork over cash for AC again.

    Ubisoft broke my heart…

  2. Vitosal says:

    got yourself a new follower

  3. Zasalamel says:

    I feel you pain, man. I also felt a little burned by AC3 and have yet to finish it despite my love for the franchise. I’m not sure I’ll get Black Flag at its launch, but I do want to give it a try. I honestly wish Ubi would stagger this series; there is no reason this franchise can’t bea long running thing, but right now it’s becoming the stealth-action CoD.

  4. Philip Frazer says:

    I completely agree, I felt that 1 had huge potential and seemed to fulfil it for the first hour or two, but then it was just endlessly repetitive. 2 fixed that and had a great game from beginning to end, but then Brotherhood was more of the same with only a years break and I had to force myself to finish it. Revelations I gave up after a few hours because it was too much of the exact same thing. 3 looked interesting and it’s one that I do have but haven’t got round to yet, but reviews hardly promote it. The underwater segments look good in 4, but the problem I have with it is that it looks the exact same on land. Despite being a different location, the towns building could be from any of the games.

    Personally I find that the main driving force for me wanting to either finish Revelations or play 3 and 4 is the Desmond story, which for me is the most interesting aspect narratively.

    • thedavidryan says:

      Thanks for the great comment Phillip. I want to love the AC games more but they always fail to deliver. AC2 is the only game I loved in the series. Like you I am intrigued by 4 but they will have to deliver big for me to get it on day one.

      • Philip Frazer says:

        I honestly can’t see them doing anything that will make me consider this as day one unfortunately, simply due to burnout on the franchise, but when it’s dropped in price a bit I’ll probably check it out if the reviews are good enough.

      • thedavidryan says:

        I think you might be right.

  5. williamjepma says:

    I really want to like these games, I really do. The premise, visuals, and over-arching stories sound right up my ally, but every time I give the series a chance, it just lets me down. The first game bored me to death, and my interest wasn’t piqued until AC3, but the gameplay looked so choppy that I passed on it too. The only one I’ve ever actually put significant time into is Liberation in Vita, but I quit that after about 10 hours because it was just so, tedious.

    Black Flag does look good however, and as a HUGE pirate fan I’ll probably play it eventually. But at the moment I’m totally in agreement. My interest is piqued, but I’ll be too busy with other stuff to even think about playing it.

    • thedavidryan says:

      Thanks for the comment William! That seems to be the general feeling, most are burnt out and don’t want to be bummed out again after another let-down title. I hope they deliver something of substance this time round.

  6. Thomas Lynch says:

    Great article I completely agree. I think if they look the time to release an Assassins Creed game say every 2 years, then the quality would most definalty improve theoretically. But that will probably never happen so heres hoping the franchise will be somewhat saved with AC4 🙂

    • thedavidryan says:

      I agree, it seems they are more interested in money than they are improving the core of the game. There must have been about seven or eight titles now. I would happily trade those for two thought out and well executed games.

  7. In all honesty, I was rather disappointed with AC3. It was a terrible end to a franchise which I used to care about. It went downhill for me after AC2 as the story became more convoluted and contrived with each expansion and installment.

    What the franchise has become is simply a cash cow for Ubisoft which they are so obviously milking. It is the equivalent of Call of Duty for Activision and Battlefield for EA.

    And Black Flag is testament to that. So like other yearly game releases in November, I will be giving it a miss.

    • thedavidryan says:

      Thanks for the comment Charles! IT seems to be the general feeling that after AC”, the franchise has never been as popular.

      • Indeed. Gamers are a passionate and vocal bunch. There are many platforms for gamers’ concerns to be heard these days and everyone is tech savy. We as gamers know when we are being taken advantage off and these kind of yearly rehash of games are evidence of that.

        While their sales are still high, I think the hardcore gamers are gradually moving away from such games.

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